Multi-step home service call using BOB tokens on the Bob's Repair smart contract escrow service


Bob’s Repair is excited to share that we have completed our 2nd job on the blockchain! This is a multi-step (multi-milestone) job. By separating the job into multiple parts, we are able to assure the contractor that his funds will be paid out to him, and assure the customer that the work will be finished to his pleasing.

Posting a Job to the Blockchain

For this job, our team member, Chad Fosburg, needed one of his bedrooms transformed into a nursery, as he is expecting a baby. He hired Andreas, a contractor, to do this job, using the Bob's Repair network. This job consisted of custom molding design and installation, custom shelf design and installation, hanging a large mirror and other minor items.

Chad publishing the job contract to the Blockchain:

Cost of the Job

The contractor, Andreas, charged Chad $150 USD for parts plus $250 USD for labor. The customer was charged $250 dollars for the labor and the equivalent amount of BOB tokens was allocated to the job, approximately 1785 BOB tokens at the price of $0.14 per token. The price was exceptionally reasonable for the amount of work he was getting done.

The contractor was also happy because he knew that once he finished the project he would get $250 that he would not have to split with any advertising agency or employer. If he were to do this job in the traditional manner, working for a large company, it is likely that he would have to charge Chad more due to advertising costs and that he, the contractor, would only get to keep approximately half of this amount, due to an employer keeping a large margin of the job cost.

Included in the price, Andreas spray painted the wall molding, touched up the wall paint, measured out and put together custom shelving, hung up a large mirror, and installed some pictures.

Before Photos:

Splitting the job into three parts in a Smart Contract

Chad (customer) split the job into three parts and published those to the Blockchain, waiting for the contractor to submit quotes for the three parts:

Milestone 1:

Milestone 2:

Milestone 3:

Contractor Publishing Proposals with Pricing

The contractor sent in price quotes for each part of the job:

Milestone 1:

Milestone 2:

Milestone 3:

Customer accepting the proposals and funding the milestones with BOB tokens

The customer, Chad, accepted the price quoted to him for each job and funded the milestones with BOB tokens.

Photos Taken During the Job:

Contractor Marking the Three Milestones Finished

The Contractor, Andreas, finished the job and marked the milestones finished:

Customer Approving and Releasing the Funds to the Contractor

The customer, Chad, approved and released the funds held, as the job was completed in a satisfactory manner.

Review Stored on the Steem Blockchain

Reviews hold much more data in them than milestones do and require a fast and low-cost blockchain solution in order to store this data in large volumes. Since we have plans on growing world-wide very rapidly we have chosen the Steem Blockchain for storing our job reviews and to facilitate our mission of such growth.

Chad and his wife explained that their experience with Andreas was wonderful and their review has been posted to the Steem blockchain:

“Andrea was very easy to speak to, warm, and welcoming. It was almost like working with one of your close friends. He has great precision on custom making the shelves and wall molding and really took his time in making sure that everything was perfect and exactly how we wanted it.”

Steem Review Link:

At the end of the project they came away with the nursery of their dreams. Please see the after photos we have attached below:

After Photos:


Thanks for viewing another job completed successfully using the Bob's Repair escrow service, and as always, thank you for being an important part of this journey.

Stay tuned as we build our beta product that we will be announcing this year.

Our future goals are to have our network support large transaction volumes and grow city by city as we introduce the concept of trust, transparency and social responsibility to communities through blockchain technology.

If you have any questions, we are available on telegram at: or via email at




Change pricing in America in the home repair and new construction industry by eliminating review fraud, price gouging, and pricing ambiguity in the marketplace.

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Change pricing in America in the home repair and new construction industry by eliminating review fraud, price gouging, and pricing ambiguity in the marketplace.

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