Bob’s Repair Strategy Part 1

  1. 6.5 hours of sunlight per day
  2. Complimentary to HVAC
  3. Only 3% of homes have solar in Las Vegas
  4. Gross profit margins are 10–15k per job as opposed to 1 to 3k with HVAC
  5. The US government is pro sustainability with future grants and further tax incentives being available.
  6. Less expensive and more efficient Solar panels.
  1. Create a profitable business in HVAC Complete
  2. Use money from the above to start Solar
  3. Use that money to cut out the middleman and increase profits
  4. Create a reputable brand that returns a customer’s investment in their HVAC unit and Solar system in under ten years.
  5. Launch BOB Rewards Program
  6. Know where we are heading
Bob’s Repair knows where we are heading.



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Change pricing in America in the home repair and new construction industry by eliminating review fraud, price gouging, and pricing ambiguity in the marketplace.