Bob’s Repair Strategy Part 1
3 min readFeb 19, 2021

The next step for us will be crucial. This is where we as an organization have to do what’s best for our purchasers, investors, customers, and the overall company. Our A-Z HVAC sector is finally stable, and we are almost done with setting up the procedures, warehouse, suppliers, materials, and inventory. We will be hiring another six full-time employees which will help us generate more profits. Right now, we are covering our fixed costs and investing profits into the infostructure. In the winter, the company brings in 150–200k in revenue, and in the summer, around 400–600k per month. Bob’s Repair 2020 revenue was over 3 million dollars with the objective of 6 million in 2021. Now with the proper structure, we can grow by adding more technicians because we have the foundation that we lacked in the past. Our 2021 goal is to enter the Solar market due to Nevada’s 26% tax incentive and complementary to our current trade.

Benefits of Solar energy:

  1. 6.5 hours of sunlight per day
  2. Complimentary to HVAC
  3. Only 3% of homes have solar in Las Vegas
  4. Gross profit margins are 10–15k per job as opposed to 1 to 3k with HVAC
  5. The US government is pro sustainability with future grants and further tax incentives being available.
  6. Less expensive and more efficient Solar panels.

Bob’s Repair Strategy Part 1

  1. Create a profitable business in HVAC Complete
  2. Use money from the above to start Solar
  3. Use that money to cut out the middleman and increase profits
  4. Create a reputable brand that returns a customer’s investment in their HVAC unit and Solar system in under ten years.
  5. Launch BOB Rewards Program
  6. Know where we are heading

We hold the C-2 master electrician license and the C-21B HVAC license, which allows the company to operate legally in Nevada in those trades. Residential Air Conditioning & Heating and Solar go hand in hand with energy savings. Still, after two turbulent years, we have realized that we as an organization do not want to take a step forward unless the ground, we are standing on is solid. We decided Bob’s Repair will be self-sustaining and will grow at a steady pace. As an organization, we will not be seeking funding at this time or have not since our main sale ended. We will incorporate better utility for the BOB token during the execution of the above strategies plan and launch the BOB-S Token when the time and compliant exchange fits the organization best.

Stay Tuned for Part Two.

Frideric Prandecki — CEO & Founder

Bob’s Repair knows where we are heading.



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