Bob’s Repair 2019 Road Map & 7 Million BOB Token Burn!
3 min readJun 2, 2019

New Bob’s Repair 2019 Road Map!

Bob’s Repair just released a new roadmap for 2019. We have achieved all of our goals for Quarter 1. Our monthly revenues have reached $60,000, and our autonomous buyback for contractors and customers has been working flawlessly. We are excited for what’s in store for Quarter 2. We are planning the grand opening of our Phoenix, Arizona office, expanding partnerships with property management companies, and will be providing transparency by sharing all the pricing for materials used in the repairs.

To see the full roadmap please go to

Bob’s Repair Has Burned 7+ Million BOB Tokens

Bob’s Repair is excited to announce that it burned 7,285,144.80 BOB tokens today. Pavel Rubin, our Blockchain head developer, destroyed an address possessing this amount of tokens with the purpose of decreasing the total supply. To view the destroyed contract please click here. As our whitepaper states, we will be burning more tokens in the future and are excited to see the tremendous progress the company has achieved. We are waiting on CoinMarketCap to update our total token supply and circulating supply (currently over 150,000,000 million tokens in circulation)

Reminder: Bob’s Repair Design Contest!

The above picture was created by Citron Cash which is looking to win the Bob’s Repair Design contest. We wanted to thank him for his hard work and are reviewing other submissions as well. For those that would like to enter the contest please read the details below.

To celebrate our recent expansion we have organized a design contest for our community.

The designs must have our company’s logo on it.

You can create a design for:

- Car wraps for our new vans.

- Business cards to be given to our customers.

- Stickers to raise awareness for our brand.

All must contain:

- Up to 50% Less or 50% Less

- Our Website URL

- Phone Number (702 123 4123 for the design).

- Our Logo

- A Bob Character *(feel free to use the one from telegram or make one yourself for bonus points!)

- Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electrical

- And a catchy slogan such as “Free to your Imagination.”

You can create one of the above or all of the above as many times as you like and they will count as a new entry. So how do you participate? Just upload your design on Twitter and tag it with@BobsRepair and #BobsRepair.

We will choose the best 3 designs after 30 days:

1st place prize $500 USD in BOB Tokens (paid in ETH)

2nd place prize $250 USD in BOB Tokens (paid in ETH)

3rd place prize $100 USD in BOB Tokens (paid in ETH)

Have any Suggestions? Please send them over!

We are asking our community to reach out to us, and send us any feedback, comments, questions or concerns to help us grow Bob’s Repair successfully! We read through every email and thank you for your input so far with great appreciation. Thank you!!

You can email us at any time, with any suggestions, at, with the subject line: ATTN: Suggestions — CEO — Frideric Prandecki

You can always contact us via our 24/7 live support on our telegram channel!



Change pricing in America in the home repair and new construction industry by eliminating review fraud, price gouging, and pricing ambiguity in the marketplace.