Autonomous Buyback For Customers and Contractors, Multiple Partnerships Signed!
3 min readMar 15, 2019

Hello, Bob’s Repair Community!

We have a lot of exciting news. In the last three weeks, we have achieved tremendous milestones. Some examples are launching our autonomous buyback program, signing multiple partnership contracts, and initiating the details to open our second regional office which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona!

Home Repair Partnerships!

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Bob’s Repair has signed multiple contracts with Real Estate, Property Management and, Investment companies to provide home repairs. For example, has over 250 homes in Las Vegas, Nevada and their renters consistently need repairs. The homes also need to be brought back to rental shape when tenants move out. Another company Smart Home Repair LLC, utilizes our services for multiple smart home installs every week. This means we are installing numerous Nest Hello Doorbell, Stainless Steel Nest Thermostat, and Black August Lock a week. These agreements provide a constant flow of jobs for Bob’s Repair contractors.

We invite you to go to to view our new home page from both mobile and desktop devices. We ask you to kindly send us any suggestions, ideas or questions to

Autonomous Buyback!

Bob’s Repair developer Evgeniy Tatarchuk just launched our autonomous buyback program! When payment is made our API purchases tokens through Bitmart Exchange and subsequently awards them to our customers and contractors. Because of this, customers and contractors are earning tokens for completing jobs every day. We are extremely excited to be seeing FIAT incorporated into crypto and having our customers learn about the BOB Token and how they can redeem them for future jobs!

Customer: When the customer pays the contractor, we take 5% of the labor and give that back to the customer in the form of BOB tokens for future jobs!

Contractor: When the contractor completes the job, he receives 2.5% Bob Tokens back in Bob Tokens! (Locked for 18 months)

Have any Suggestions?

Please send them over!

We are asking our community to reach out to us, and send us any feedback, comments, questions or concerns to help us grow Bob’s Repair successfully! We read through every email and thank you with great appreciation for your input so far. Thank you!!

You can email us at any time, with any suggestion, at, with the subject line: ATTN: Suggestions — CEO — Frideric Prandecki

You can always contact us via our 24/7 live support on our telegram channel!



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